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Changing Focus so Students Can Focus

Changing Focus so Students Can Focus

Rikka Bakken April 6, 2013

Administrators in the BRF School District are looking to improve student performance by moving high school focus time to the beginning of the day starting next school year. “The first [concern] is the...

FCCLA Members Sacrifice Cluster Experience for Nationals

FCCLA Members Sacrifice Cluster Experience for Nationals

Rikka Bakken November 17, 2012

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) students will no longer be attending the 2012 National Cluster Meeting in Reno, Nevada this weekend. According to FCCLA adviser Tina Gilbertson,...

How to: Paw Print staff cooks Thanksgiving dinner

Rikka Bakken November 24, 2010

Pumpkin Pie 1 refrigerated pie crust, softened as directed on box 2 eggs 3/4 cup sugar 1 1/2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 (15 ounce) can pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix) 1 (12 fluid...

What I’m NOT Thankful: Hallway Edition

Rikka Bakken November 15, 2010

With Thanksgiving season upon us, we are all asked to reflect on the good things in life; family, friends and all that jazz. But you know what? I'm thankful for the bad things. They provide perspective,...

Breaking the Block Schedule?

Rikka Bakken October 7, 2010

On September 21, the Curriculum and Instruction committee and principal Tom Chambers met to discuss possible schedule changes. "I think it went well; I presented the information that we have so far on...

Virtual Schooling

Rikka Bakken September 24, 2010

“It’s kind of the wave of the future. Many college classes are offered online," said Tom Chambers. "[The goal is] to offer advanced students more opportunities of enrichment that are above and beyond...

The Latest Fall Programs: What You SHOULD Be Watching

Rikka Bakken September 15, 2010

As the school year kicks off, TV shows are starting up again too. Here are just a few that students are looking forward to this year. One of the shows that took the music department (but not only them)...

Administration Kicks off the New Year

Rikka Bakken September 15, 2010

The administration has already rolled up its sleeves and begun to stir it up here at BRFHS. The administration is looking at alternatives to the block schedule. "We do have a group of teachers working...

Advising program to meet weekly in ’10-’11

Rikka Bakken June 8, 2010

Change is coming to the BRFHS advising program 2010-2011 school year. Students will meet with their advisers during focus period every Monday. "It's been a work in progress since we started it [the...

Keeping it Cool

Rikka Bakken May 13, 2010

Freshman track athlete Jefferey Modica seems to always have a smile on his face during practice. "[I enjoy] running with friends and the friendly competition," said Modica. "I like being active." Modica...

Choosing Math

Rikka Bakken May 13, 2010

Math teacher Tim Young was not always going to be a teacher. "I decided to become a teacher my freshman year of college," said Young. "I was going to get a degree in business, but I decided that I liked...

Wrath of Mom

Rikka Bakken May 13, 2010

Showing mom how much she is appreciated can sometimes backfire. An awful gift can cause your mother to pay you back in the most torturous ways possible. She will quietly accept it and have a gloomy attitude...

The School Garden: Dig It!

Rikka Bakken April 29, 2010

How would you like to go through the lunchline and be able to get fresh vegetables? "My dad thought that because last year we had a lot of extra produce in the greenhouse...this year we figured we just...

I Love My Chucks

Rikka Bakken April 19, 2010

Not only is it important to today's teens to wear the right tops and perfectly ripped and faded jeans, but the snazziest shoe is also a vital fashion statement. No teen wardrobe is complete without a...

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Pierce

Rikka Bakken April 13, 2010
U.S. History classes had the privilege of being taught by student teacher Kelly Pierce this quarter. With a major in Politics and American History, Pierce's passion for history and discussion is evident in the class room.

Dungeons & Dragons: Because Dragons are Cool

Rikka Bakken March 23, 2010

More often than what would seem “normal”, you will find students carrying around a copy of Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook here at BRFHS.   "It's like real life, but adding in all the fun...

Students raise question: should faculty be tested, too?

Rikka Bakken March 17, 2010

Consider this:  would your opinion on reasonable suspicion drug testing change if your teachers were subjected to drug testing as well? "I think students will be more open to drug testing as a whole...

Board approves cuts

Rikka Bakken March 17, 2010

"It's deciding between a bad decision and a worse decision," said Superintendent Ron Saari at the School Board meeting on March 15.  Twenty-five new budget approvals were made by the school board, and...

Reasonable Suspicion: Senate Eyes Possible Drug Testing

Rikka Bakken March 3, 2010

A not-so-new problem is on the minds of Student Senators; concerned about expulsions due to drug abuse in school, Student Senators have suggested a drug testing policy.  "We agreed that there is an issue...

Athlete Spotlight: Christian Stiehl

Rikka Bakken February 26, 2010

Freshman Power. It doesn't occur to Christian Stiehl that he's the only freshman playing on the boy's varsity basketball team this year. "I usually just play and try to have fun," said Stiehl. Stiehl...

FCCLA Regionals

Rikka Bakken February 17, 2010

FCCLA members spent Friday, February 5 presenting their projects on how they are choosing to better their community. “[Our project was on] Interpersonal Communications family mealtime communications,”...

Who Done It?

Rikka Bakken February 17, 2010

Every student who enrolls in Woodworking gets the chance to design and create something that they think will be useful. Sophomore Keith Dawley is taking that chance to make a 90 degree corner TV stand...

New Years Resolutions- Extinct?

Rikka Bakken February 8, 2010
Each year the people are handed an opportunity to make a change about themselves. So why don’t they? Are they already good enough? Or is it just not worth the effort?

Farmville fascination captures students

Rikka Bakken January 13, 2010

What’s growing right now? Crops on Farmville, of course! Farmville is a game that has captured parts of the high school student body in a frenzy of growing crops, taking care of animals and harvesting....

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