Administration Kicks off the New Year

The administration has already rolled up its sleeves and begun to stir it up here at BRFHS.

The administration is looking at alternatives to the block schedule.

“We do have a group of teachers working on scheduling,” said Principal Tom Chambers. “We’re looking at visiting some schools… [and] talking to the teachers and the administrators from those schools to get some ideas.”

According to Chambers, there really are only two major reasons behind the switch– achievement and the scheduling conflicts that always seem to occur.

Virtual schooling is another change that is happening in the not-so-distant future.

“We’re still working on the details for that,” said Chambers. “Generally, [students taking virtual classes] would be students who have a full schedule and want to take additional courses.Virtual schooling is basically online classes.

“Students would be able to enroll in an online class. There’s a teacher on the other end, and then there is what’s called a local educational guide, or LEG, in the district,” said Chambers.

The main LEG for the school district would be guidance counselor Eric Erickson, and at the high school the main LEG would be biology teacher James Klos.

“They would work with the students to make sure that they’re getting assignments done and things, and the teacher on the other end is the one who actually does the teaching and grades the assignments,” said Chambers.

“There are different language courses, French and German, I think Japanese,” said Chambers. “The classes that would be available to students are ones that aren’t already offered at the high school.

Keep reading next week to hear more about virtual schooling!