Choosing Math

Math teacher Tim Young was not always going to be a teacher.

“I decided to become a teacher my freshman year of college,” said Young. “I was going to get a degree in business, but I decided that I liked explaining math to people, and I was pretty good at it.”

For Young, math was the obvious choice.

“Math was by far always my strongest subject. I actually am not certified to teach any other subject,”said Young.

Choosing another subject to teach would be difficult for Young.

“I think [if I had to choose another subject] I would choose music,” said Young. “Not because I would be good at reading music necessarily, but because I always enjoyed band in high school.” As a band student, Young enjoyed pretending to conduct.

His love of math was influenced by his teachers. Young’s elementary school teacher, Mrs. Lins, had a way of “making drill work not seem repetitive and boring.”

“My favorite kind of math would probably be statistics and probability, more so probability,” said Young. “We teach them more now than we used to, and I think kids find it fun to figure out what the chance is of something happening.”

Like any math teacher, Young has his opinions on the Core vs. Traditional debate.

“I’ve taught both [Core Math and Traditional Math]. There certainly are pros and cons for both, but I think the Core math we have now teaches kids how to use the math, rather than how to do the math,” said Young.