Wrath of Mom

Showing mom how much she is appreciated can sometimes backfire.

An awful gift can cause your mother to pay you back in the most torturous ways possible. She will quietly accept it and have a gloomy attitude the rest of the day. She won’t even do it on purpose, which makes it that much more painful a pay back.

Lesson number one when buying Mother’s Day gifts– if your gift is going to be a joke, think it through very carefully.

“I was watching Ellen [The Ellen Degeneres Show] one day, and she had these creative, new things coming out, like underwear with words, so that’s what I decided to get her,” said sophomore Savannah Markee.

Lesson learned: sometimes, what may seem extremely hilarious to you, can be completely offensive to your mother.

“We got her underwear, and then we stitched in words. These aren’t your grannies’ panties,” said Markee. “She laughed, but I think she was offended.”

Of course, not every mother will be totally bummed out if she isn’t showered with gifts.

“[The worst present I ever got my mother was] nothing at all,” said freshman Bryce Kopp. “It wasn’t really that bad. It was when I was younger, so she didn’t really expect anything from me.”

Freshman Camille Gunning’s worst present could also be considered nothing.

“We all work on Mother’s Day, so we don’t really celebrate it,” said Gunning. “She doesn’t care, we normally get her a card.”

Freshman Justice Thompson believes in the “sharing is caring” approach to Mother’s Day.

“I brought her a rock and a cupcake one year,” said Thompson. “But I ate half the cupcake.”

While her mother thought this was very cute, and told her it was “really nice,” Thompson had an alternative motive other than making her mother happy at the time.

“It was payback for my birthday that she missed,” said Thompson.

And then there are the times when the present doesn’t quite make it home. Your mother may not be disappointed, but anyone who brought flowers home for their mother in elementary school knows the anguish of realizing that a bus is not the safest place for a marigold.

“[The worst present I ever got my mother was] probably a plant that got ruined on my way home on the bus,” said freshman Remington Stittleburg. “I felt really sad that my plant was ruined.”