Dungeons & Dragons: Because Dragons are Cool

More often than what would seem “normal”, you will find students carrying around a copy of Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook here at BRFHS.
“It’s like real life, but adding in all the fun fantasy,” said sophomore Breanna Amborn.
 Yes, BRF has its very own group of Dungeons and Dragons players. For some, they get together every week to rescue fair maidens, find long lost treasure and just have fun.
“Basically your group is trying to recover treasure, or a person from somewhere or someone…we’re the good people,” said sophomore Savannah Markee.
Even though it’s not real, it’s hard not to get completely absorbed into it.
“I like the suspense,” said Markee. “When you could possibly be killed and a dragon could come out and eat you. It’s really scary.”
When it’s time to play, D&D players transform into an alter-ego; they pretty much become their characters.
“You have to roll up, which takes an hour or more, to develop your character,” said Amborn.
Some of these D&D players who have been involved in it longer get really excited when they talk about their characters. Their eyes light up and they start talking a mile a minute.
Bruton is a warforged fighter who lost all hope for God, and basically goes through life to protect others in his group, because he feels obligated to them,” said senior Ryan Whaley. “He’s a martyr, he would die for anyone in his group even if he doesn’t like them.”
Not all characters are quite so admirable.
Kirra is really awesome, and sneaky and could basically steal your pants off you without you even knowing,” said senior Emily Lahymayer, “I basically stole a house, except for the foundation and the walls…put it in a magical bag and just carried it around with me.”
“Brisingr is the man. He is a half elf from Aerenal, and originally he had green dragon blood line, but now he has red dragon blood line. He’s a sorcerer, a dragon disciple and a favored soul. He killed… a dragon that was terrorizing the city of Stormreach,” said senior Bronson Stein.
It’s not all just kill the monsters, save the maiden or find the treasure; some things are just funny.
“Brisingr’s character flaw is that he’s greedy, so he stuck his hand in a bag that ate him,” said senior Levi Miles. “He also chucked a fireball into a room…and basically crispified Emily.”
Miles is the Dungeon Master for the two groups in BRF. He’s been playing since his sophomore year, but he says he has had all the stuff for it since eighth grade. Since then, he’s dragged many into his fantasy game-world.
“I’m the dungeon master,” said Miles, “and I control all the other characters…I did play a character [of my own] for awhile, her name was Rain…She was beautiful, eloquent and let’s just say really shallow.”
It’s impossible to contain all the gamer-nerdishness to just one night per week.
“I sometimes make random comments in the real world that relate to D&D, and people look at me like I’m a freak,” said Markee.