The Latest Fall Programs: What You SHOULD Be Watching

As the school year kicks off, TV shows are starting up again too. Here are just a few that students are looking forward to this year.

One of the shows that took the music department (but not only them) by storm last year was Glee. It’s about 12 kids who join Glee Club, which is basically a show choir, and about their struggle to remain a club. The school doesn’t feel it has enough money in its budget to support the Glee Club, and the principal gives them an ultimatum–if they can place at Regionals they may remain a club. But if they don’t, they will be cut from the school’s budget. Glee begins its new season September 21.

“Glee is an inspiring show that gets me really excited for band and choir,” said senior Cassie Olson.

There’s a reason so many enjoy a competition. A chance at fame and fortune? Some really talented people, and some not-so-much? Unlike other shows like it, such as Dancing with the Stars or American Idol, America’s got Talent has it all–from singing to dancing, to just totally random tricks.

“[I’m excited for this show] because there are some really cool stunts on there,” said sophomore Bryce Kopp. “Some aren’t, but the bad ones are fun to laugh at.”

Another show that some may be looking forward to is Modern Family. Sophomore Justice Thompson knows she is.

“It’s really funny,” said Thompson, “and it makes my family look nice.”