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The Student News Site of Black River Falls High School

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The Student News Site of Black River Falls High School

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New Year, New Goals

Austin Marg January 17, 2011

We hear about it every year: the notorious New Year's Resolution. Many are critical of them, saying that they are pointless since no one really sticks with them. I can see their point; a majority of people...

Town Hall Meetings Give Senate a New Perspective

Austin Marg January 13, 2011

For the 2010 school year Student Senate has chosen to focus on improving BRFHS and spreading Tiger pride. “We had our own ideas about what our school needs, but we really want to get the whole student...

Scheduling Talk: Go for Eight; That Would be Great

Austin Marg December 22, 2010

As many at BRFHS know, our schedule for the year after next is up in the air. Though the current block schedule has positive points, it has also brought some complications. Because of this, our administration...

The ABC’s of Christmas Gifts: Part 2 of 3

Austin Marg December 14, 2010

Part 2 of the ABC's of Christmas Gifts H is for Hard to buy for. This is actually simpler than it seems. All you need to do is ask him/her where they like to shop. Just about every store sells gift...

Wrestlers Reflect on the Loss of Devin Rose

Austin Marg November 15, 2010

July 18, 2010. For some of you, this was just another day. However, this is not the case; it was July 18, 2010, when BRFHS lost one of their own. Devin Rose's life was cut short at the age of 16, leaving...

What I’m NOT Thankful For

Austin Marg November 15, 2010

What are you thankful for?  Yeah, like you've never been asked that around Thanksgiving. It isn't that the question angers me, as reflecting on what you're grateful for is the whole point of the holiday....

Five Artists You SHOULD Be Listening To

Austin Marg November 2, 2010

Get your iPods ready, because here is a list of five artists that you should be listening to.  · Eminem. He’s back with his new album, Recovery, and also back with new songs that are sure to keep...

Midterm Mock Elections Break Record Held for 18 Years

Austin Marg November 1, 2010

With the midterm elections coming up on November 2, BRFHS spent the past week holding mock elections to determine where our school stands on the political race. During these mock elections, students...

Voting, Pride, and Ping-Pong for the Senate

Austin Marg October 27, 2010

On October 19 at the Student Senate meeting, it was all about voting, Tiger pride and ping-pong.  "Every student in the school will have one of these in their hands," said adviser Paul Rykken.  Rykken...

Who Done It? A Few Good Friends

Austin Marg October 22, 2010

Tuesday, October 12 marked junior Emma Erlandson's 17 birthday. Though she expected the usual cards and birthday presents, she found a surprise when she got home.  Seniors Olivia Lee and Betsy Torkelson,...

Keeping Up with the Senate

Austin Marg October 15, 2010

Tuesday, October 5 marked the second meeting for the 2010-2011 Student Senate.  Senate adviser Paul Rykken describes the students to be in their “organizational stage,” but still managed to get work...

Tiger Tennis Ends Their Season

Austin Marg October 7, 2010

The girl’s tennis team competed in their final matches bringing an end to their season.  The final two matches of the season before sub-sectionals were both non-conference. On September 28 the team...

Five Questions with Mr. Lobenstien

Austin Marg September 30, 2010

We’ve all seen him before. A bearded man decked out in flannel who looks like he could kill a bear with his hands, but would most likely hug that bear instead. Mr. Lobenstein is a man of great lumberjack...

Methodist Church Shelters Flood Victims

Austin Marg September 29, 2010

In response to the flooding on Thursday, the American Red Cross sheltered a total of 20 people. Residents of the Grove Apartment Buildings and homes close to the rising river were asked to leave their...

Meet Your New Senators

Austin Marg September 27, 2010

It’s a new year for the Student Senate with a new set of senators to get the program started. The results are in. The freshman class is represented by Kjell Bakken, Chaz Churchill, Christian Schmitt,...

Welcome Back Mr. Chambers!

Austin Marg September 15, 2010

No one was sure how long our school would go without hearing German every Tuesday morning, but it wasn’t as long as it could have been. Principal Chambers was absent due to personal issues, but is back...

Student Senate: Starting the New Year

Austin Marg September 13, 2010

The Black River Falls High School Student Senate is just getting started, but the organization already has an agenda full of initiatives. Nomination forms for the candidates are due on September 17. Elections...

Tips from a Senior: Surviving Freshman Year

Austin Marg September 13, 2010

So you’re finally in high school starting out your freshman year. Half of your grade is probably more scared than they’ve ever been, and the other half thinks they’re the coolest things to walk...

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