Meet Your New Senators

Junior Evan Gawron exercises his right to vote during the Student Senate elections. The junior class had the highest voting turnout.

It’s a new year for the Student Senate with a new set of senators to get the program started.

The results are in. The freshman class is represented by Kjell Bakken, Chaz Churchill, Christian Schmitt, Emily Stewart and Sheena Voge. Sophomore representatives are Nathan Helstad, Maria Lee, Martin Roundstone, Delaney Skelding and Zayta Thundercloud. The junior senators are Danielle Duffy, Josh Hanson, Aaron Miles, Erica Olson and Alexandria Turner. For the senior class, the senators are Elizabeth Cook, Eric Helstad, Olivia Lee, Emiley Rios and Andy Epps.

The voting turnout was not as high as hoped. Even so, there are still high hopes and enthusiastic leaders on board for the senate.

“I feel that it’s a great honor and it’s nice to be able to make decisions for our school. I’m excited to get started,” said Stewart.

The issues that they plan to take on for the year are yet to be determined by the senate. Their first meeting will be on Tuesday, September 28. The goal of the senate seems to be pretty clear though.

“I’m eager to make our school a more positive place,” said Stewart.

Their time on the senate is one that proves to be a prominent experience for the students.

“Being on the senate is important to me because it is a good way to get out and make a positive change within our school and get to know people better,” said Lee.

Any students with ideas and concerns about our school are encouraged to talk with their senators.