Scheduling Talk: Go for Eight; That Would be Great

As many at BRFHS know, our schedule for the year after next is up in the air. Though the current block schedule has positive points, it has also brought some complications. Because of this, our administration is looking into some different options. Now as a senior who has no preference whatsoever about upcoming schedules, as they won’t apply to me, I can see more clearly the advantages of different schedule options; one of those being the traditional schedule.

A traditional schedule would consist of eight classes in one day. As opposed to our block schedule where we sit in the same class for 90 minutes, these classes would be cut in half and would only be for 45 minutes. Instead of switching a class every quarter, as we do currently, we would either switch after a semester or keep the same classes all year round. A traditional schedule would mean having more variety in our day yet more consistency in our yearly schedule.

The most positive aspect of a traditional schedule would be the fact that you can get so much more in-depth and learn more about a subject. If you have a class for only half a year, you don’t have as much time to learn your material. Though you have twice as much time in the class, you really don’t get to learn as much as you would in an eight period day because these classes are limited by time; having a class that occurs over the whole year can allow you to learn more and retain your information more accurate.

An eight period schedule can also benefit AP students. The AP exams are in the spring, but if you had your AP class in the first semester, you can’t remember the material like you could if you had the class while you were taking the AP class that you have the exam in. Sure, you could study on your own time during the AP off-season, but honestly, no one does that. I know that when I took the AP Psychology test, I had a hard time trying to remember anything because the class is only in the first semester. These tests are catered to a traditional schedule because that’s what most schools have; it has to be popular for some reason, it’s probably effective.

Though I can see the negatives with a traditional schedule, I still believe it has the possibility to help out our scheduling dilemmas.