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The Student News Site of Black River Falls High School

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The Student News Site of Black River Falls High School

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Welcome Back Mr. Chambers!

No one was sure how long our school would go without hearing German every Tuesday morning, but it wasn’t as long as it could have been. Principal Chambers was absent due to personal issues, but is back and ready to lead BRFHS once again.

“I was out with an illness, so it was a medical leave,” said Chambers.

Though he may have been on medical leave, he didn’t let that keep him from doing his job.

“Yes [I did expect to recover quickly.] I’m fully recovered and I’m really glad to be back,” said Chambers.

He returned to school very early in the year, but missed one of his favorite parts of the year.

“I really miss having to miss the first couple weeks of school. Especially the first day; it’s always exciting to greet the students back,” said Chambers.

However, his return didn’t come without difficulty. He had to get back into the swing of things in order to keep up with hundreds of teenagers.

“It’s a transition; it’s a struggle to come back in the middle of anything. It’s been a good transition back, but nothing like being here [from the beginning,]” said Chambers.

Though he may have been gone from the school, that didn’t mean that he was oblivious to what was happening here. He was able to keep informed through e-mails and also kept up by having meetings with Vice Principal Mark Weddig.

Chambers did not leave BRFHS without having someone cover his large responsibility. Weddig stepped in as the acting principal with social studies teacher Jason Janke as the acting vice principal.

“I was consulted [about the vice-principal decision.] That was pretty much our decision. It was a joint decision,” said Chambers.

While he was away, our active principal made a few adjustments to the school to promote Tiger Pride, the theme for the year. He was behind the decision to transform our cafeteria into The Falls Café and also brought in the brand new tiger trash cans outside of the school.

Students are glad to have him back and are eager to start the year with him again.

“I’m glad he’s back because I really missed him speaking in German every morning,” said junior Danielle Duffy.

One opinion seems to be unanimous throughout the students.

“It’s good to have him back,” said senior Briana Gundrum.

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Welcome Back Mr. Chambers!