Who Done It? A Few Good Friends

Tuesday, October 12 marked junior Emma Erlandson’s 17 birthday. Though she expected the usual cards and birthday presents, she found a surprise when she got home.

 Seniors Olivia Lee and Betsy Torkelson, junior Katie Dvorak, and sophomore Maria Lee had a volleyball game against G.E.T. the night of her birthday, but still wanted to make the day special for Erlandson.

 “We couldn’t spend time with her on her birthday, so we decided to do something to surprise her,” said Torkelson.

 Their idea of a surprise could be considered a work of art.

 “We decorated [her house] with streamers, balloons, and Happy Birthday signs,” said Dvorak.

 When Erlandson’s friends arrived to decorate her house, they were greeted by her mother, Julie Erlandson. They explained the situation to her, and she let them continue with their birthday festivities.

 “My mom was home. She wasn’t expecting it, but she wasn’t mad,” said Erlandson.

 The surprise was not limited to streamers and balloons; the girls made cupcakes to help celebrate.

 “They were princess [cupcakes] because Emma is a little princess,” said Maria Lee. “We put her favorite quotes on the back of sugar hearts and crowns. They were her favorite kind: funfetti.”

 Though it took some work to get this job done, the friends believe it was all worth it.

 “She’s a great friend, and I wanted her to have a happy birthday,” said Olivia Lee.