Student Senate: Starting the New Year

The Black River Falls High School Student Senate is just getting started, but the organization already has an agenda full of initiatives.

Nomination forms for the candidates are due on September 17. Elections to choose the five senators for each grade will be held on September 21 and 22.  The senate will consist of 20 students, and four of those senators will be elected onto the executive council. The executive council is chosen by the senators and are in  

Last year, the senate’s main effort was towards reasonable drug testing within our school. This year, the teens plan to develop open campus lunch for seniors on privilege. The plan started last spring, but the senate is working out issues they found with the program. The group plans to continue their service projects. For four years, they have sponsored a Tibetan teenage girl named Tenzin Yingsel so that she can pay her tuition and the cost of books for her boarding school in northern India. The group goes greens as well with their recycling program. They keep students informed about politics and the importance of choosing them with their voter’s education. Also, the Viva Haiti project has become an important part of the senate. This was developed in response to the earthquake in Haiti that occurred on January 12, 2010, that took the lives of many. The new goals for the 2010 school year will be determined when meetings begin. The senate also picks up garbage after football games, something that they have already started.

Senate advisor Paul Rykken has also been developing a website for the group so that students have a practical way to follow those that represent them. It consists of multiple links to their activities and a blog that will be updated frequently. Students are encouraged to follow the website and speak with their senator about any issues they have with the school or ideas to improve BRFHS.

Senior Olivia Lee had this to say about the senate.

“There’s always something new to expect when you’re a part of the Student Senate, and there’s never a dull moment. I’m excited for the new year.”