New Year, New Goals

We hear about it every year: the notorious New Year’s Resolution. Many are critical of them, saying that they are pointless since no one really sticks with them. I can see their point; a majority of people write them, follow them for a week and give up on them after realizing it’s more difficult to achieve a goal than it is to make one. I, however, am a big believer in them. Writing down my hopes for the new year really help me to stay focused on what I want to accomplish and how to do so. In attempt to make 2011 my best year yet, I’ve decided to write my own resolution of the biggest goals I want to achieve for the year.

1. Quit procrastinating: If there is something that I don’t really want to do I tend to put it off until the very last second. In fact, I even wrote this story the day that it was due. This isn’t good and will probably not get me far in life; therefore, I’m going to try to break the habit once and for all. This is a goal that I’ve tried to reach every year, but I avoid it because I don’t feel like breaking the habit. 2011, however, is a new beginning for me and I will finally break myself of the “I don’t really want to do it, so I’ll do it later” excuses.

2. Be a better driver: I see no need to elaborate on this goal…

3. Take a road trip: I’ve always wanted to pile in a car with my best friends and drive on the open road just to see where it takes us. The spontaneity of a road trip is something that I think would be a ton of fun. However, before taking a road trip, I should probably accomplish my second resolution.

4. Don’t get fat in college: The Freshman 15 terrifies me a bit because I really don’t want to have to spend money on a whole new wardrobe just to accommodate for the fact that I gained a ton of weight in college; therefore, I’m making a goal not to gain an excessive amount of weight in college. Yes, this is about getting healthy, a resolution that EVERYBODY seems to have, but it’s about more than that to me; I honestly just want to save money for important things rather than having to spend it on clothes. This goal is about living a better lifestyle, but it basically is for the frugal side of me, which brings me to my next goal…

5. Save money: I have realized that I spend my money on really stupid stuff. For example, I once bought Paris Hilton’s book; why did it seem like a good idea? I don’t know. The girl couldn’t think of a logical excuse to save her soul (seriously, what kind of person tries to call cocaine gum? Not even the same thing…), but she wrote a novel? Had I thought out my purchase more, I would have saved $18 and wouldn’t have lost brain cells in the process of reading it. I would like to start to plan for the future and save my money for something that will actually matter.

6. Meet the Kardashian’s: I understand that this is not a very realistic goal, but I am obsessed with anything that has to do with the Kardashian’s; they’re really funny and more fabulous than I will ever be. How will I achieve this? I’ll let you know, but somehow I will make this happen.

7. Flex my golden pipes and sing karaoke: I wouldn’t say that I’m the next Celine Dion, but I like to pretend I am. When it comes to anything that involves singing, I’m on it; Sing Star, Rock Band, sing-along’s, musicals, I really just like singing. I belt it out in my periwinkle Escort all the time (for those of you not familiar with an Escort, it’s a crappy car…I literally have to roll down my windows and it has a cassette player.) I would like to share my lack of musical talent with the world. Yes, people may cry and windows may shatter, but I’m going to anyway.

8. Make the best of my time in BRFHS: I only have a short amount of time left in BRFHS (four and half months…but who’s counting?) and I want to make the best of my senior year. It’s starting to hit me, that as excited as I am for college–and trust me, I am REALLY excited–I will miss it here; this is where I’ve grown up and this is where my friends are. However, I don’t want to look at graduation and be afraid of it, but rather smile because I know I made my four years here the best they could be. My goal for 2011 is to make my last four and a half months here the best four and a half months of my life.