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Epic Mickey, Epic Win

January 17, 2011

So, I am not a super-gamer, but when I got Epic Mickey for my Wii over Christmas break, I knew instantly that it would be a fun review. Mickey Mouse is the most iconic Disney character since 1928, when...

Top Five Books of All Time

January 4, 2011

As an avid bookworm, as well as one of the founding members of the Black River Falls High School Book Club (also known as Tuesdays With Cheri), I obviously read a lot of books. Below is a little list of...

A Christmas Wish List for BRFHS

December 6, 2010

Black River Falls High School. While some people may look on this building with pride, I am sad to say that this group does not include me. I go to other schools from surrounding districts, or even just...

A December Holiday Everyday

December 1, 2010

Most everyone knows that Christmas is in December, but there are also many zany little holidays nearly every day! Some days even have two. Summed up below are the daily, weekly and monthly observations. MONTHLY: Universal...

Saving the World, One Dog at a Time

December 1, 2010

The Jackson County Animal Shelter is located at 403 Pine View Road, in between the Pine View Nursing Home and the Fairgrounds. Animal control officer Barb Pfaff has worked at the shelter for 11 years....

“Hallelujah!” The Ads are Finally Over!

November 3, 2010

Political advertising for the election of 2010 have been on the internet, the radio and most of all the T.V. for longer than lots of people can remember. Some of the more memorable commercials, such...

Playoff Football Game: Behind the Scenes

October 27, 2010

WHERE: Black River Falls High School WHO: BRF Tigers v. Rice Lake Warriors WHEN: October 26 at 7:00pm So, the football game started out great. It was cold with a chance of rain, not to mention the...

Top 10 Halloween Costumes

October 22, 2010

My Top 10: 1.) Witch* 2.) Vampire* 3.) Zombie* 4.) Ghost* 5.) Current Celebrity* 6.) Superhero 7.) Princess 8.) Knight 9.) Werewolf 10.) Sports Player? It is October, and therefore, many people are thinking...

The Last Good YouTube Channel I Saw: Schmoyoho

October 6, 2010

"Hide yo kids, hide yo wives." While YouTube is a website that is mostly dominated by videos of cats doing funny things and people ranting on about their daily lives, there is one YouTube Channel that...

Open Campus for All Seniors?

September 29, 2010

Open Campus.  We, the class of 2011, have been waiting our entire high school career to hear those words and actually have them apply to us.  Most of us have dreamed (ok, so dreamed is a bit of an exaggeration)...

Let No One Hunger for a Better Sandwich!

September 24, 2010

Mackenzie Borek, Master Food Critic  If anyone has ever spent time in downtown Eau Claire, they know that there is a lot of culture you just don't see at the mall. The Acoustic Café is a prime example...

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