The Last Good YouTube Channel I Saw: Schmoyoho

“Hide yo kids, hide yo wives.”

While YouTube is a website that is mostly dominated by videos of cats doing funny things and people ranting on about their daily lives, there is one YouTube Channel that is genuinely funny, and makes videos with a point.

 Schmoyoho, also known as the Gregory Brothers, create music out of news stories, by using “autotune,” defined by as “a software package that automatically manipulates a recording of a vocal track until it is in tune regardless of whether or not the original performance was in tune.”

 One that the general YouTube population might have heard of is the “Bed Intruder Song” featuring a news story about the Lincoln Park Rapist of Huntsville, Alabama. The song, later put on iTunes, had sold 91,000 copies as of September 5, 2010, and was also No. 39 on the iTunes Bestseller list, not to mention No. 89 on Billboard’s Hot 100, according to an article in the New York Times by Jenna Wortham.

 The “Bed Intruder Song” is a recording of a very angry Antoine Dodson, whose sister had been raped the night before in her own bed. The local news had interviewed him, and his raging oration ended up catching the attention of Michael, Andrew, and Evan Gregory, along with Evan’s wife, Sarah Fullen-Gregory.

 The Gregory Brothers have had several other hits as well, including “The Double-Rainbow Song,” “The Mommy and Daddy Song” “The Backin’ Up Song” as well as the always popular “Auto-tune the News” which was featured on The CBS Nightly News with Katie Couric in November of 2009.