A Christmas Wish List for BRFHS

Black River Falls High School. While some people may look on this building with pride, I am sad to say that this group does not include me. I go to other schools from surrounding districts, or even just across the parking lot to the middle school, and I think, what happened? Now, this is NOT a bash on the custodians or any of the other people who work at BRFHS, it is simply my opinion.

Here are a few small issues I would like to mention.

The bathrooms in the entire school are kind of gross. Again, this is not an insult to the custodians, but a friendly reminder of how nasty bathrooms can get. Firstly, the toilets, as we are talking about bathrooms here. Pretty much any public bathroom in the United States today has those nice little disposable seat covers in a box above the toilet. In fact, I know some people who won’t even use the bathrooms without them. This would be a great addition to our school. They can’t be all that expensive, and I know I would feel a lot better when… erm… nature calls. Secondly, the bathrooms smell. I know, I know, they are bathrooms, and there are certain odors that go along with any room carrying that name, but would it be that hard to buy some Febreeze, or maybe just a Glade plug-in every now and then?

Another thing that could be improved is the state of the commons, or our lack of one. A commons, for those who do not know, is basically a fancy word for a lounge. A student lounge? That seems like a pretty nifty idea, if I do say so myself. The LMC is a great place to socialize, but some people are actually trying to work on assignments. The cafeteria, or the gym are areas given to go for privilege, but many students don’t want to go to either of these designated areas. Why? The answer in my case is quite simple. Neither of those places has cushy chairs. A simple solution: turn an area of relatively empty space into a cozy little nook for students to hang out.

Then, there is the topic of the senior hallway. Every other hallway in the entire school has some sort of color. They may not be everyone’s favorite color, but at least they are not beige. There is a very simple solution to this problem. PAINT THE LOCKERS. Give Art Club something to do. Though I know that this idea has a very slim-to-none chance of ever getting by the school board, it would be pretty cool if the seniors could decorate the outside of their lockers with things that aren’t sport or club related. Maybe a small poster of a favorite band, or a picture of their dog, or even a CHEESEBURGER for goodness sake–something to add a little COLOR to the school.

My final subject is an addition to the last, only instead of the senior hallway, it includes pretty much every classroom excepting Wallin and Wojo’s rooms. If no one has caught on yet, I am addressing the deficiency of color in our classrooms. I have lost track of the days I have sat down and sighed at the whiteness of the walls. There is a certain feeling you get when you look at a specific colored walls. SPICE IT UP! Green, blue, LAVENDER.

The state of our school could be somewhat better, and these are several things that could be taken into consideration.