Top 10 Halloween Costumes

My Top 10:

1.) Witch*
2.) Vampire*
3.) Zombie*
4.) Ghost*
5.) Current Celebrity*
6.) Superhero
7.) Princess
8.) Knight
9.) Werewolf
10.) Sports Player?

It is October, and therefore, many people are thinking of Halloween. The question, of course, is “Just what should I be for Halloween?” Some students at BRFHS may already have their costumes picked out, but for those who are still wondering about what to wear, here are a few tried-and-true ideas, and on the top five, some fun ways to spice them up!

1.Witch: Galinda or Elphaba?

Almost everyone can say that they have seen a witch on Halloween. Also, upon surveying the masses, it was discovered that this costume is thought to be the most common. For the most part, witches will be seen walking around with their pointy hats, dark robes and the occasional wand. However, there is always the option to change it up. Would it be more interesting to be a Galinda, the good witch, or an Elphaba, the wicked witch? After deciding which direction to go, the choices are endless! Glitter, or green makeup? Pointy hat v. tiara? Have fun!

2.Vampire: Not just for goth kids anymore.

After the recent Twilight craze, the next Halloween costume is appropriately vampires. Now, any good Dracula fan knows, there are many different variations on the vampire theme. One possibility is going the old time route, with a blood-red cloak, fangs and slicked back hair, or changing it up, playing Edward Cullen. Again, this is open for a lot of creativity!

3. Zombie: Braaaaaaaiiiiiiiins… eerm.

Zombies are a touchy subject. They are not quite cool enough to make Twilight, but are apparently worthy of a cult following. No kidding. There is a real cult called the “Zombie Mob” and they have parades; and with chapters in San Francisco, Toronto, Philadelphia and even as close as Minneapolis. They are rather fascinating, not to mention great inspiration for zombie Halloween costumes. Their website, for any of those curious, is Undead Undertone: To create realistic looking nastiness on your face (like this dude:, melt a chocolate covered cherry and stick it on your face. If placed on the forehead, it will literally look like your frontal lobe is leaking out of your face.

4. Ghost: Just a sheet with eyeholes, or something more?

More artistic Trick or Treaters could have a lot of fun with this one. On a variation from the classic white sheet with holes cut for eyes, maybe try changing the color of the sheet to something more fun, like tie-dye. (Oooohhh…. Hippie Ghost will get you….) Or, even better, skip the sheet altogether and just get doused in baby powder. While it will most likely be messy, the powder will be more realistic, and standing in front of a fan will make the ghost “evaporate” when the baby powder blows off it. Just make sure not to let it all blow off.

5.Current Celebrity: The possibilities are neverending.

Lady GaGa. Ke$ha. Michael Jackson (too soon?) Gene Simmons. Sarah Palin. Some of these ideas are simple, some might require more work. For instance, Sarah Palin would only require an updo, a feminine dress suit and a really funny northern accent (hmm… not much difference from residents of Black River Falls). Michael Jackson would need more work, like a tightfitting jacket, black leather pants, slicked back hair, strappy boots, a disappearing nose (again, too soon?) and some hair gel. And best of all, Lady GaGa. While it might look like she just wears whatever she feels like, there is a lot of work put into those outfits. Meat-dress anyone?