Let No One Hunger for a Better Sandwich!

Mackenzie Borek, Master Food Critic

 If anyone has ever spent time in downtown Eau Claire, they know that there is a lot of culture you just don’t see at the mall. The Acoustic Café is a prime example of this.

 Found on Barstow Street, just a few blocks from the river, the Acoustic Café is a relaxing, chill environment great for studying, people watching, or just listening to the local bands that play there every weekend and occasionally throughout the week. 

 The whole vibe of the place plays into the experience.  From the booths, made out of wood, giving them an artistic feel, to the pieces of Styrofoam hung on the ceiling to provide better acoustics, the entire being of the Acoustic Café is a place to have fun.  Or, if you don’t feel like eating out, you can call ahead, and they will have your order ready for you to pick it up when you get there. The menu is also available online. My recommendation is a ½ roast beef hoagie, paired with a cold glass of Dr. Pepper.  As their website says, “let no one hunger for a better sandwich.”