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Football and cranberries: Bible juggles career and coaching

November 3, 2010

Fall brings Friday night football games, bonfires and cranberry harvest. It's what many growers work for all year--at least, that's what head football coach Jim Bible works for. Bible is not only the...

Haunted houses bring out the scream in you

October 31, 2010

Ghouls, gobblins, and ghosts, that's what we think of when Halloween shows its creepy head. But what is there to do in the area around Halloween? Don't lock yourself up in your house with a bowl of kit-kats,...

Sam Adams changing rap

October 26, 2010

Sam Wisner, or better known as the rapper Sam Adams, is new to the game, but he is clearly changing it. "He is an attractive young man," said junior Emma Erlandson. It all started with his remake of...

Did You See That? The Top Five Jersey Shore Moments

September 27, 2010

We all know the show about eight people picked to live together on the craziest shore in the US, none other but the Jersey Shore! My 5th favorite moment is in the first episode of the second season....

New teachers settle into new school

September 20, 2010

The new school year brings new things for many people; new clothes, new supplies and at BRFHS there are four new staff members this year, replacing business teacher Amy Yaeger, resource teacher Orv Bystol,...

Volleyball Update

September 14, 2010

Senior Olivia Lee and Junior Katie Dvorak talk a little about the volleyball team "We've all been playing together since pretty much freshman year, and we are ready to start winning some games." said...

Sibling Rivalry: The Torkelsons

September 13, 2010

We all have our spats with our siblings, but sometimes we take it to the supreme, whether it's fighting for alpha child or rebelling. These kids are fighting to be the best, the same can be true with senior...

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