Did You See That? The Top Five Jersey Shore Moments

We all know the show about eight people picked to live together on the craziest shore in the US, none other but the Jersey Shore!

  • My 5th favorite moment is in the first episode of the second season. Everything is put into place, Angelina is back and ready to bring the drama with her, Ronnie and Sammi–who broke up–are back together in one house and they are GTL to the South Beach.
  • Fourth favorite moment is when Snooki spills the annual Sunday “Family Dinner” on the floor and Mike “The Situation” is left to pick up the pieces by ordering food for the house, but you will never guess what name he chooses…THE SITUATION! Talk about being into yourself.
  • My third favorite moment is from the first season when Ronnie and Sammi get together for the first time and leaves The Situation with a situation.
  • My second favorite moment is when The Situation, Pauly D and Vinny make a team when it comes to getting girls–MVP standing for Mike, Pauly and Vinny.
  • My number one favorite moment from both seasons is when J-Wow gives The Situation what he deserves–a nice one-two punch right in the kisser. How is that to your situation?