Sibling Rivalry: The Torkelsons

We all have our spats with our siblings, but sometimes we take it to the supreme, whether it’s fighting for alpha child or rebelling. These kids are fighting to be the best, the same can be true with senior Betsy Torkelson and freshman Tommy Torkelson.

1. How was your first day of high school?

Betsy: Good, it was nice to know some people.

Tommy: Good

2. Did your sibling make your first day of school fun or miserable?

B: Fun


3. Is it weird seeing your sibling at school?



4. What is your pet peeve about your sibling?

B: He never picks anything up. He leaves everything everywhere.

T: She always has to be right, no matter what I say.

5. What piece of advice would you give your sibling?

B: Enjoy high school while it lasts.

T: Enjoy me while you are still around.


6. What is your sibling’s favorite color?

B Guess: Orange?

T Answer: Orange

T Guess: Purple

B Answer: Purple

7. What is your sibling’s favorite food?

T Guess: Anything but chinese and things with peas in them.

B Answer: Anything but chinese.

B Guess: Anything on his plate.

T Answer: Venison and parsley potatoes that my grandma makes.

8. What time does your sibling get up for school?

B Guess: His alarm goes off at 6:45 but he doesn’t get out of bed until 7:10

T Answer: I usually get up at 6:50.

T Guess: I don’t know, I am usually sleeping

B Answer: I get up when my alarm goes off at 6:40

9. Team Edward or Team Jacob?

T Guess: Neither?

B Answer: Team Jacob!

B Guess: Neither…it’s more like Team Carrie (Underwood) for him

T Answer: Neither.

10. Favorite Brewers player?

T Guess: Ryan Braun


B Guess: Probably everyone besides Ryan Braun

T Answer: Hoffman and Fielder.

11: Coolest sibling?

B: Betsy of course!

T: Definitely TOMMY!!