Haunted houses bring out the scream in you

Ghouls, gobblins, and ghosts, that’s what we think of when Halloween shows its creepy head. But what is there to do in the area around Halloween? Don’t lock yourself up in your house with a bowl of kit-kats, get out there and experience the local attractions in this top five countdown of haunted houses in the Black River Area.

  1. Pirates of the “Corn-to-be-in”:  This haunted attraction is located in West Salem at the Hidden Trails Corn Maze. This maze is open the last two weekends in October, after dark. The price is $7.50 per ticket.

    “The scariest part of the entire thing was when we were chased by chainsaws and when we had to try to squeeze in between two large bubbles,” said junior Paige Hartert.

  2. Terrorfest: This old bank is the site of the Batavian Blood Bank. This historical building is the site of rumored hauntings and is sure to send a chill down your back. It is only $8 to get in and is located at the corner of 3rd and Main in La Crosse.
  3. House Of Shadows: Located in Sparta, it is put on by the Boys and Girls Club. It is available every Saturday and Sunday.

    “It was pretty scary” said Hartert.

  4. Fright Factory: What is usually known as the Eau Claire Expo Center has been taken over by the souls of the lives lost at the old asylum that burned down there. Fright Factory runs this entire weekend starting on Thursday.
  5. Shed of the Dead: Located in Onalaska, it has an admission fee of $7.

    “The scariest part of the entire house was when they split us up and made us go by ourselves. I was happy when I got put with Leah (Pennekamp), but I felt bad when Lucas (Johnson) was split from us,” said Hartert. “I would recommend going to Shed of the Dead–it is really the best one.”