Softball starts without longstanding coach

Softball in the year of 2013 is going to be a different. Former coach Mary Rykken won’t be taking the lead.

“Things are different at home now, and taking time off from coaching l will be able to help there when needed,” said Rykken.

Rykken has been a coach for 32 years, and she has coached softball for 22 of those years. She said for now, she’s not going to be coaching anything, but maybe something next year.

“Softball last year with Rykken was really fun,” said sophomore Sierra Peterson.

Rykken wasn’t her coach last year, but in the beginning of the season they practiced all together and Rykken led it. Peterson says it’s going to be really strange without her this year.

“Even though I’m going to miss Rykken, I’m really excited for softball to start and to meet the new coach,” said Peterson.