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The Student News Site of Black River Falls High School

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Six Minutes Added to Day

Due to the overwhelming amount of snow days, six extra minutes have been added to the end of the day.

Many students have their own opinions on how the school dealt with this decision including sophomore Molly McNulty, freshman Faith Leisgang, and junior Rebecca Ross.

“I think it’s pretty annoying to sit in focus an extra amount of time doing nothing if you’re on privilege. Since I’m not on Tiger privilege, I can’t leave school, so I’m stuck here an extra six minutes,” said McNulty.

Juniors and seniors are the only grades allowed to leave early during focus if they’re on Tiger privilege, so many are not affected by the change.

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“I’m kind of on the fence because with Tiger privilege I can leave, so it’s not really affecting me in any way,” said Ross.

Students that are involved with sports have to rush to get ready to make sure they are changed in time for practice since the practice time for sports remain at 3:30.

Many students that aren’t in sports find no conflict with it affecting their after-school schedule.

“It doesn’t affect me personally, but I think it does affect the people that play sports a lot,” said McNulty.

Since there were so many minutes to make-up due to having too many snow days, the school district felt as if this was the best way to approach this situation for everyone.

Many students believe there could have been another way to approach this situation instead of adding extra minutes.

“I think that they could have taken out the one-hour early release that we have on Friday because no one really sees an advantage to having it, and it’s something that isn’t really necessary,” said McNulty.

A lot of students seem to share the same opinion of taking away our one-hour early release, but the district didn’t approach it that way because of the meeting time the staff has when the students leave early. Faith had a different idea.

“I think that they could have possibly started school at 7:45 instead of 7:51, so adding that extra time onto advising which everyone is required to be there for instead of the juniors and seniors having the advantage to leave during focus,” said Leisgang.

Even though most tend to disagree with the extra six minutes, Rebecca seems to think that it was a good idea.

“I think it was a good idea because some people have jobs that have them work early on Friday’s now since we get out early, so taking the early release away would have affected them,” said Ross.

Although students continue to express their opinion, it is something that is not going to change. Not only is there an extra six minutes every day, also the last day of school is no longer an early release and will be extended to a full day.

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Six Minutes Added to Day