Fine Arts Night Brings Together Music and Visual Arts


This year’s Fine Arts night is being put on differently than any other past years. This year not only is there an art show, but also at the same time the band and choir will be performing their last concert of the year.

Taryn McKeeth, the new art teacher, is experiencing her second art show at our high school along with the students help, everyone one is preparing to showcase their art.

“The students and I have prepared (in class) by doing the projects, and over the last couple of weeks, we have been filling out name tags and figuring out titles, and getting all of the finishing touches put in order and making sure everything is ready,” said Mckeeth.

McKeeth along with her students and art club member are excited for many different reasons.

“I’m most excited to see everyone else’s artwork and see all their hard work, along with mine, to pay off,” said art club member Mckenna Aldach.

Mckeeth is more excited to see how the community with react to all of the artwork.

“I’m most excited for the community to see the variety that the kids have made in art class. I like how I give a project assignment and then I start to walk around and see how every students piece is different, but they all have the same objective. It’s really nice to see how creativity stems for each and every individual and I think the community will be able to really see that, ” said McKeeth.

This year’s art show is more about the functional art which many people tend to enjoy more.

“Since I’m still pretty new here at Black River Falls, I’m not really sure what has been done for art shows in the previous years but the other art show this year was mostly 2D things whereas this art show will be kinda the opposite where there will be mostly 3D things and less 2D and I think people respond to 3D artwork more than 2D,” said McKeeth.

Over the years, many art shows have just been brushed pass and the turnouts haven’t always been the best, but with the band and choir concert going on at the same time, this year is thought to go differently.

“I think it will be pretty successful because of our collaboration with the band and choir and them having their concerts on the same night. We kind of planned it together as a team as a way to bring the community together and see everything the arts have to offer here,” said McKeeth.

Many members of the community came out to see what the arts had to provide and it many students believe the night was very successful and turned out what they wanted it to be.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t help with the setting up since I had my concert, but it all looked so nice and I really enjoyed what everyone had to show on display. Lots of talent all around,” said Aldach.

The rest of the members felt the same way and are hoping to continue that trend for the future art shows.