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A Positive Force: Peggy Armson

June 10, 2010

Peggy Armson enjoys building relationships with the students she feeds on a daily basis. Peggy has seen many students walk the floors of the high school. "This is my 15th year," said Armson. If someone...

Student drug use concerns staff, students

March 22, 2010

Both students and staff in our school have recently displayed a concern about drug usage in our school.   “Yes, [there is an issue] but it is not a perfect science,” said Assistant Principal Mark...

Student Senate Plans Haiti Relief Project

March 4, 2010

The Student Senate has started working on a school-wide relief project to raise funds for Haiti. "We are trying to get every club in the school involved and some classes, like gym or Foods," said sophomore...

Guests in the Music Department

February 22, 2010

This week in the music department was spent organizing and with guests. In both band in choir the final Solo & Ensemble performance lists were created, with students finalizing decisions on their...

Music Department Update

February 11, 2010

This week the music department has been busy with preparations for upcoming events. On February 8  Music Boosters met to plan both the Taco Supper and the Middle School Solo and Ensemble Festival. The...

Converse Trend

February 2, 2010

[flickr]photo:4329806415[/flickr]If you have recently looked through a catalogue that has shoes in it, you have probably seen Converse brand shoes in it somewhere. Converse have been around for a long...

Twilight Trade

January 13, 2010

Do you own movie paraphernalia? When a movie comes out on the big screen, products also come out in stores. From board games to T-Shirts, movies are publicized in many unique ways. The Twilight saga is...

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