Converse Trend

[flickr]photo:4329806415[/flickr]If you have recently looked through a catalogue that has shoes in it, you have probably seen Converse brand shoes in it somewhere. Converse have been around for a long time, and recently have hade a sort of ‘comeback’ in the shoe world.

Girls’ Converse are sold by two large catalogue/website companies for girls: and Both have a large amount of shoes on sale, including Converse, but Delia’s truly has the largest amount of Converse to choose from.

Delia’s has over 27 styles to choose from, most of which have multiple color options for one to choose from. The classic Converse Ox alone has over 38 color choices. (  Also on sale are special prints or otherwise accessorized Converse. A few highlights are animal sequined converse and numerous checkered patterned shoes. (,  

Alloy has quite a few less options, but they still are there. On sale from Alloy are All Star Hi-Tops, which can be purchased in 11 different colors. For stores that cater to both genders, the options are almost endless.

Journey’s is a popular shoe retailer, and if you search you can find 78 different styles, of which many have different color options. Unique converse can be found on this site as well. Always wanted to have knee-high chucks? They are on sale at Journeys. ( Another unique shoe is the Lo-Star Clear/White, which is made of clear plastic. ( Another popular design is the layered Converse shoe, which has two layers instead of the typical one. ( While retailers may have many options, nothing beats the website of the Converse company itself.

There are a total of 382 shoes on sale from the Converse company.  Colors run the Roy G. Biv gambit, and styles do as well. There are special shoes on sale from (PRODUCT) RED which proceeds go to fighting aids, and shoes by two separate designers; Jack Purcell and John Varvatos.

The price of these shoes also varies quite a bit. The most expensive shoes are a pair for (PRODUCT) RED, and cost $200.00. The cheapest shoes are actually booties for babies, and retail for $12.00.

Another option with converse is the ‘create your own’ option. A person can choose every single aspect of their shoe, and then it is created and shipped to their door. They also have the choice of making theirs a (PROJECT) Red shoe if they so choose.

Whether or not you wear converse, you are certain to see them on someone’s feet somewhere- you just don’t know what color or style!