Twilight Trade

Do you own movie paraphernalia? When a movie comes out on the big screen, products also come out in stores. From board games to T-Shirts, movies are publicized in many unique ways. The Twilight saga is certainly not an exception to this rule.
While investigating, I came across the usual merchandise fare–there were many posters, soundtracks and articles of clothing. Most of them have either Edward Cullen or Jacob Black on them somewhere. The two ‘official’ Twilight sellers are Hot Topic and Borders.
Borders has more books or book-related items, but it also has clothing, jewelry, trading cards, blankets and action figures to name a few. Perhaps the best example of strange merchandise is Defining New Moon: Vocabulary Workbook for Unlocking the SAT, ACT, GED, and SSAT. It is not the only book in the series. There is also a book like this for Twilight. The book claims to improve test scores through vocabulary. The book takes a few words from each chapter and has the person give them their own definition and then it gives them the correct and real definition. It also has drills and quizzes to take.
Another interesting book is The Twilight Phenomenon: Forbidden Fruit or Thirst-Quenching Fantasy? This book is basically a psychology book showing parents how to deal with their Edward-crazed teenage girls. The exact description is: ‘This resource equips parents and leaders to candidly discuss the Twilight series with teens who have been caught up in the romance of a human girl and a vampire boy.’
More Twilight fun comes from the action figures and dolls. Some of the Edward dolls have glitter in their resin. For those of you who have not been caught up in the Twilight craze, Edward sparkles in sunlight. These glittery dolls are not so life-like versions of him, as most action figures and dolls are either painted badly or do not look like the actors at all. You could also own mini versions of Jacob or Bella if you so chose. You could also dress like Bella if you wanted too.
Fashion can also be bought Twilight-Style. Want Bella’s Birthday dress? You can buy that from Hot Topic. This store also has a Twilight make up line called Volturi. From lip gloss to eye shadow, you can buy it.
Buying somebody far away something Twilight for Christmas? Fear not, you can ship it with Twilight packaging tape. This can also be bought from Hot Topic.
Perhaps the best spot to find Twilight ‘merch’ is on Everything from car decals to Nintendo DS skins can be bought here. Need an Edward-themed Christmas stocking? Amazon has it.
Whether you want a bracelet or a blanket, you are sure to find one that is Twilight themed- even if you don’t want it!