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Ellie Wirtz, Editor-in-Chief

Ellie Wirtz is a senior at Black River Falls High School and the editor in chief of the Paw Print. This is her third year of involvement with the SRL class, inside and outside the classroom. Over the summer, she was selected for and participated in the Student Reporting Labs Academy. When she isn't editing or bossing the staffers around, you'll find her around town at one of her various jobs, or in bed.

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SEL: A Bandaid on a Bullet Hole

SEL: A Bandaid on a Bullet Hole

March 12, 2021

Taking responsibility, valuing an education, recognizing character strengths, and fighting off victimitis. These are the taglines corresponding with the most recent lessons of the newly implemented SEL...

Snow Days: A Thing of The Past

Snow Days: A Thing of The Past

February 27, 2021

Punxsutawney Phil, Pennsylvania’s highest revered groundhog, can feel good about his winter prediction, seeing as in the last two weeks record colds have been observed nationwide. This has caused a surplus...

Green Team Faces a New Change in COVID Climate

Green Team Faces a New Change in COVID Climate

February 11, 2021

Most parents can testify to the truth of the phrase ‘the terrible twos and threes.’ To the earth’s dismay, the phrase holds for environmental science teacher Clare Knodle, the Green Team's mother....

Student laptop open to Canvas dashboard.

Trimester 1 Recap: Standard Based Grading

November 23, 2020

Going into the 20-21 school year, students and staff knew they were facing a year for the books. Although this year there have been many unexpected hurdles and bumps in the road, some of the changes inside...

Volleyball opens to limited spectators

Volleyball opens to limited spectators

September 14, 2020

After months of delays and cancellations, the BRFHS volleyball team finally set foot on the court for the first day of practice on September 7. Abiding by social distancing guidelines and wearing masks...

Laptop and a stack of work.


September 12, 2020

After months of isolation and uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students finally returned to the halls of Black River Falls High School--or at least some of them did. A handful of students opted...

Colleagues Share Rykken Life Lessons

June 11, 2020

As social studies teacher Paul Rykken retires, teachers share memories and lessons.

Ho-Chunk Appreciation Night

November 19, 2019

Learn more about the Ho-Chunk appreciation night.

No Hit List

No Hit List

October 17, 2019

For some students, the first thing they think of when they hear homecoming is the dance, the parade, or the football game. For others, it’s one of the longest standing traditions at BRFHS, TP’ing. In...

BRFHS Mini Powwow

May 31, 2019

Damon Scott talks about the origins of the different styles of dance.

Thank you, Ms. Larson!

May 7, 2019

Nutrition services staff member Laurel Larson brightens students' and staff members' days.

Athletes Attempt Spring Sports

May 7, 2019

PRODUCED BY FRANCINE GUENTHER AND ELLIE WIRTZ Spring athletes attempt to do different spring sports than they are used to.

Students on the road to internet fame

April 11, 2019

Many students have social media accounts unknown to the majority of the student body.

Student Opinion on Privilege

April 11, 2019

Usually, high school is an adjustment for one group of students: the freshman. Furthermore, the adjustment period is usually a few weeks to a semester. However, I think we can all agree that this school...

Recycling might not be enough to reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s why.

Recycling might not be enough to reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s why.

February 28, 2019

As I stood behind the garbage cans during lunch and encouraged my peers to recycle their slushy cups and milk cartons, I was surprised to be met with responsive and enthusiastic reactions. For the most...

Pointing fingers: Students and teachers should start with themselves

Pointing fingers: Students and teachers should start with themselves

January 7, 2019

Growing up, your mom probably told you that pointing was rude. Nonetheless, we’re all still very quick to ‘point fingers’ at others when something goes wrong. It’s something everyone fears: being...

After School Study Offers More Options

December 19, 2018

Tiger After School Study coordinator Michelle Wood explains what TASS is all about. BY FRANCINE GUENTHER AND ELLIE WIRTZ

Teachers: Hold Students Accountable

Teachers: Hold Students Accountable

December 13, 2018

We’ve all gotten away with something one time and thought we were above the law. Whether it was taking an extra cookie, driving above the speed limit, or getting into an R-rated movie, getting away...

Shepard makes dance coaching a family affair

December 3, 2018

BY ELLIE WIRTZ AND FRANCINE GUENTHER Social studies teacher Mike Shepard resigned from his dance adviser position in late November to make room for former Dance Team member Amanda Arnaud to take his...

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