Soical Media Users, Beware!

Social media can be precarious with what it can do itself and what others can do with it.

For some people, social media is one of the biggest parts of their lives. This could definitely be the case since there are 2.34 billion people who use social media. One of the problems about that though is that some may think that if there is a lot of people doing something that means it’s safe or trusting, but in this case not so much.

Snapchat with its latest update will let you use filters with your ‘snaps’ but only if you turn on your location first. Though there are some ways around not having that users location on, for privacy reasons, by turning that person location off after turning them on, though it may not let you use filters when it is off. If the location can be turned off afterward, why should it be required in the first place just to make peoples ‘snaps’ look more dramatic? It seems as though Snapchat is desperate to know where its users live.

Other than Snapchat there is Facebook. Though not many teens seem to use Facebook, for those people who do, it can seem as though it can put users in a precarious situation. Lots of heated debates go over whether or not Facebook is selling people’s Facebook profiles. Though this may not be true, it is scary knowing there is a chance people are using someone’s personal information without them knowing.

When someone uses Facebook that person has to agree with the Terms of Service and within that, there is the data policy that talks about how it collects information about that person’s account like the location of the picture taken and face analysis for filters. Though all of those policies have reasons to i, it can be a bit creepy.

For those who use Facebook might not know that people can find them by searching by phone numbers. When someone uses Facebooks products and use their number, it is set to the public by default. This can be helpful to find friends but scary when it comes to strangers knowing a bit more about that user. Though this may not seem so scary, it can easily be turned off in Facebook’s privacy terms.

There are so many things that make social media a blast by sending funny pictures with each other and showing off oneself talents, but at the same time, social media has its scary side with all the things it lets strangers be able to get their hands on. Though social media is fun, it is also can leave people in some precarious situations.