Seniors should get out of school early

Most high school seniors all across the state are released from school a few weeks before the rest of the students. However, at Black River Falls High School, this is not the case. All of the seniors at BRFHS are supposed to stay in school all the way up until the last day of the school year for the whole district. There is not a good reason as to why seniors should have to stay in school for this time. Even though that the last few days of school are made for finals, seniors should just take their finals at an earlier time so that they have the opportunity to be released early.

Growing up, kids always look up to the older kids or in this case, the upperclassmen. Kids can’t wait to be the “top dogs” of the whole school and to be able to have privileges that younger kids don’t have. However, seniors really don’t have that much to look forward to during the year besides being able to graduate early at the end of first semester or leaving for lunch. By having seniors graduate a couple of weeks before everyone else, there will be something for all students to look forward to once they become a senior.

Some may mention that if seniors want to graduate earlier than everyone else, then they should just graduate after first semester. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy for most students. Some students may need that second semester to catch up on credits so that they are able to graduate in the first place. Others may need that second semester because they are involved in spring sports such as track and field or baseball.

Many students have most, if not all of the credits they need to graduate by the time Memorial Day weekend comes around. This is the weekend that most schools in Wisconsin have graduation for their seniors. By having the seniors at BRFHS graduate early, the school can focus more on students who are going to be there again next year.

Everyone knows the disease that travels throughout each and every school. Senioritis. By the end of the school year, approximately, the entire senior class is diagnosed with this problem. Senior students know that they are so close to being done that there is no point to keep on trying until the end of the school year. By seniors not caring as much and not doing their work as good as they usually would, class averages at the end of the year could drop. Also, all of the seniors who are planning on going college have already been accepted and have a plan for the upcoming fall semester.

The seniors at BRFHS should have the opportunity to graduate early just like the rest of the surrounding areas so that there is something too look forward to, there is a chance to be caught up with credits, and not being affected by the waiting of graduating.