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Golf Prepares for Final Meets

The golf team  is preparing for this season’s meets.

“As a team we work really hard and everyone is improving and I think it shows in our meets,” said junior Mackenzie Quackenbush.

Quackenbush is not going out for regionals this year, but is working to improve at all the practices to advance in the season next year.

“Personally, I’m doing pretty well this season, but there’s always room for improvement,” said Quackenbush.

Quackenbush, along with the other golf players are working hard in forming a strong team.

Junior Glen White is another player on the team who is preparing for the next few weeks of the season.

“I think the season is going great. The players on the team are working really hard and from what I have seen, they are really good. I just love the amount of talent our team has,” said White.

White enjoys the practices and seeing the team improve together and have fun at the same time.

“The most fun that I enjoy about golf would definitely have to be the practices. They are laid back and don’t get competitive unless you make it competitive,” said White.

Senior Sheena Voge has a specific regimen; she practices before she competes in a golf meet.

“When preparing for meets, I chip five balls at a time from different depths onto the practice green and I try to get them as close to the hole as possible. After a couple of rounds of that, I take those five balls and line them up in a straight line and work my way outward to work on my touch. Next, I hit a bucket of balls on the range to loosen up. Finally, I take a couple of practice swings to make sure my hips and shoulders are aligned when I follow through before teeing off,” said Voge.

Golf season is passing by quickly with the annual regional competition in Cumberland right around the corner.

“To prepare for regionals we all come to practice and work on the little things to help our game while at a meet. And whenever I have time I try to get out on the golf course to get in a few holes,” said Quackenbush.

Only a few players are selected for regionals this year, but the whole team is there to motivate them, along with developing their own skills for next spring.

Students Anxious for Field House

Students are talking about the benefits to a plan to bring a two-story community center to Black River Falls.

Sophomores Ryan Guenther and Courtney Reese will be seniors by the time the field house is being built, and they are looking forward to the new “big hit” in BRF.

“Since there isn’t a whole lot of things to do here in BRF, it would give our town a new place to have fun,” said Reese.

Superintedent Shelly Severson confirms the community center will  be filled with an indoor aquatic center, a three-bay gym, a walking track, and places for the Boys and Girls Club and senior center. Other ideas that have been talked about in the planning process include a yoga room, a workout room, and racquetball courts.

“I think it will be good for Black River Falls because it will draw a lot of attention and possibly make good profits,” said Guenther. “I am the most excited about the basketball courts, I think those will be awesome. However, I’m a little disappointed there won’t be an indoor track. That would have been great to see.”

Freshmen Callie Durman is also interested in how this plan will turn out and believes it will be a good benefit towards the town.

“The new field house will be good for the town because with the extra gyms our school would have the ability to host more school and sports events. It will also help with the practice of spring sports so not everyone is sharing the one gym,” said Durman. “I think that also it will benefit us because our town strives for tourism so this would not only give people a thing to do, but it will also help businesses by the many tournaments we could host.”

The new community center will give the town more activities to get involved with.

“The thing I am most excited to see is the waterpark. Now the community will have the opportunity to go to an aquatic center during fall and winter, and go to the Hoffman Aquatic Center during the summer,” said Durman.

The field house was given to the community by the Lunda Charity and is expecting the finished building to be done by 2016.

“Although the new center is taking up a lot of space, with how our school is involved with many sports and activities, it is definitely worth the money and space,” said Reese.

Summer Job Opportunities Available

SUMMER JOBS PICTUREAs summer rolls around the corner, students prepare to fill out applications to earn a little extra money during the season.

Junior Dejaye Roskos is a returning employee for K9 Country Lodge who looks for forward to working with the dogs during break.

“What I like about working there in the summer is having something to do and the hours fit in with my schedule really good. It’s also nice having an income because I can do fun stuff in the summer that requires money,” said Roskos.

Roskos along with her employers help take care of the dogs that stay there while the dog’s families travel. The summer is usually the busiest month for the lodge.

“The main thing I do at K9 is obviously take care of the dogs, but I also have to deal with customers. We do extras with the dogs which include walking the dogs, one on one playtime, fetch, free runs, jacuzzi time and massages. It makes for a great summer job because the dogs keep you busy,” said Roskos.

Another place that is popular for student applications is Black River Falls’ local Hoffman Aquatic Center. Junior Jayden Gjerseth spent his last summer guarding the pool with a few of his classmates.

“I like working at the pool because of the contrast in stress. It is the mellowest job I’ve ever had, except for when someone is in need of your help then you’re possibly putting someone’s life into your own hands, that’s not very mellow,” said Gjerseth.

Many positions are open at the pool besides lifeguarding. There is always help needed in the concessions and admissions area.

“I think it’s a great place to work just due to the people that work there. Everyone is friendly and always happy to help each other,” said Gjerseth.

Students in search for a summer job may also be leaning towards a fast food restaurant. Junior Liz Lipke has been employed at Mcdonald’s for a little less than two years and really enjoys the skills she has learned.

“It would be good for people to work there because it teaches responsibility and the actuality in working and running a business,” said Lipke.

Other summer job opportunities include Dairy Way, Culver’s, Burger King, Walmart, and Wazee Lake Campground.

[The original version of this article included unclear information about where job applications are located.]


Art Students Influence Others

Picture For ArtThe art department is filled with many students that not only grew up with artistic talents but fell in love and stuck with it.

Junior Samantha Guillaume has signed up for many art classes through her high school career because of her passion to draw.

“I have always been interested in drawing. Since I was first able to pick up a pencil I drew. I was influenced by the things around me, mainly pictures in books. When I was little I always tried to be as awesome as the famous artists, and it was just something I loved to do. It was something I was really good at, so I started working away to get better at it,” said Guillaume.

Guillaume isn’t the only one who has an interest in drawing.

“I’ve always been into crafts and drawing since I was a little girl, and the more I drew the better I got, and with my family’s encouragement, I kept with it and fell in love,” said sophomore Megan Engebretson.

Sharing the same heart for art is junior Mary Onstad. Onstad, however, learned to draw through a different technique.

“My grandmother was a very talented artist. Although she never taught me much she would get me an instructional art book every time she came up from Florida. That’s how I learned to make things look more realistic,” said Onstad.

Besides their love for drawing, they also have personal views of art and how it helps to express themselves.

“I think my favorite thing about art is how unexpected it can be. Sometimes when I’m drawing I’ll have an image in my head, but when it goes down onto the paper something completely different happens. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. It’s just fun to go with the piece and let it take me where it wants to,” said Onstad.

In the art department students can put themselves out there and influence others to join the classes.

“I would rather be artistic than a good singer any day. Art is purely visual, which allows you to interpret the piece however you want. Also, I find the colors and compositions enchanting,” said Engebretson.