Golf Prepares for Final Meets

The golf team  is preparing for this season’s meets.

“As a team we work really hard and everyone is improving and I think it shows in our meets,” said junior Mackenzie Quackenbush.

Quackenbush is not going out for regionals this year, but is working to improve at all the practices to advance in the season next year.

“Personally, I’m doing pretty well this season, but there’s always room for improvement,” said Quackenbush.

Quackenbush, along with the other golf players are working hard in forming a strong team.

Junior Glen White is another player on the team who is preparing for the next few weeks of the season.

“I think the season is going great. The players on the team are working really hard and from what I have seen, they are really good. I just love the amount of talent our team has,” said White.

White enjoys the practices and seeing the team improve together and have fun at the same time.

“The most fun that I enjoy about golf would definitely have to be the practices. They are laid back and don’t get competitive unless you make it competitive,” said White.

Senior Sheena Voge has a specific regimen; she practices before she competes in a golf meet.

“When preparing for meets, I chip five balls at a time from different depths onto the practice green and I try to get them as close to the hole as possible. After a couple of rounds of that, I take those five balls and line them up in a straight line and work my way outward to work on my touch. Next, I hit a bucket of balls on the range to loosen up. Finally, I take a couple of practice swings to make sure my hips and shoulders are aligned when I follow through before teeing off,” said Voge.

Golf season is passing by quickly with the annual regional competition in Cumberland right around the corner.

“To prepare for regionals we all come to practice and work on the little things to help our game while at a meet. And whenever I have time I try to get out on the golf course to get in a few holes,” said Quackenbush.

Only a few players are selected for regionals this year, but the whole team is there to motivate them, along with developing their own skills for next spring.