Students Anxious for Field House

Students are talking about the benefits to a plan to bring a two-story community center to Black River Falls.

Sophomores Ryan Guenther and Courtney Reese will be seniors by the time the field house is being built, and they are looking forward to the new “big hit” in BRF.

“Since there isn’t a whole lot of things to do here in BRF, it would give our town a new place to have fun,” said Reese.

Superintedent Shelly Severson confirms the community center will  be filled with an indoor aquatic center, a three-bay gym, a walking track, and places for the Boys and Girls Club and senior center. Other ideas that have been talked about in the planning process include a yoga room, a workout room, and racquetball courts.

“I think it will be good for Black River Falls because it will draw a lot of attention and possibly make good profits,” said Guenther. “I am the most excited about the basketball courts, I think those will be awesome. However, I’m a little disappointed there won’t be an indoor track. That would have been great to see.”

Freshmen Callie Durman is also interested in how this plan will turn out and believes it will be a good benefit towards the town.

“The new field house will be good for the town because with the extra gyms our school would have the ability to host more school and sports events. It will also help with the practice of spring sports so not everyone is sharing the one gym,” said Durman. “I think that also it will benefit us because our town strives for tourism so this would not only give people a thing to do, but it will also help businesses by the many tournaments we could host.”

The new community center will give the town more activities to get involved with.

“The thing I am most excited to see is the waterpark. Now the community will have the opportunity to go to an aquatic center during fall and winter, and go to the Hoffman Aquatic Center during the summer,” said Durman.

The field house was given to the community by the Lunda Charity and is expecting the finished building to be done by 2016.

“Although the new center is taking up a lot of space, with how our school is involved with many sports and activities, it is definitely worth the money and space,” said Reese.