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PA System Wrongfully Accessed by Students

PA System Wrongfully Accessed by Students

December 13, 2018

Lasagna was served, but it wasn’t for lunch. Confusion and even some nervousness ensued during seventh block on December 7 when the PA came on, played a song, and then shut off without explanation. The...

Administration explains schedule changes

Administration explains schedule changes

December 4, 2018

Schedule changes are leaving some students satisfied with more advising time but others confused about how and why these changes came about. High school guidance counselor Susan Leadholm says the changes...

Front of Black River Falls Middle School building

Middle school receives threat

October 22, 2018

Evacuations of students and a sweep of the entire middle school has caused confusion and worry amongst families and community members alike. On Monday, after a weekend enjoyable for many, the unthinkable...

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