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PA System Wrongfully Accessed by Students


Lasagna was served, but it wasn’t for lunch.

Confusion and even some nervousness ensued during seventh block on December 7 when the PA came on, played a song, and then shut off without explanation.

The song, called “B**** Lasagna” by YouTuber PewDiePie played for about a minute before the PA system was hung up unexpectedly.

The popular YouTuber PewDiePie, at 75 million subscribers, holds the most popular YouTube channel in YouTube history. However, India’s largest music corporation, T-Series, also is at 75 million subscribers on YouTube and is bridging the gap between breaking PewDiePie’s record. This has left fans fighting to gain PewDiePie more subscribers.

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“It’s most likely a PewDiePie fan, because the song, I recognized, was his, and was supposed to call out another YouTuber, T-Series, as an attempt to get more subscribers,” explained senior Mackenzie Raifsnider.

Black River Falls High School was not the only school affected by possible fans advocating for their side. Reddit user /u/GianHD posted a video showing him running around with a speaker playing the song around campus.

“I let everyone in my school campus hear B**** Lasagna to help PewDiePie beat T-Series. This is only phase one. I’m doing my part here in the Philippines. [sic],” his post stated.

Another Reddit user by the name of u/NannerbEnitgnol posted an email sent to their entire school that included a link to subscribe to PewDiePie’s YouTube channel.


Reddit user /u/SandyWandy_2007 posted posters around their school that said “I want YOU To Subscribe to PewDiePie,” remarking in the post, “I’m putting these all around my school. I’ve got so many people subscribed.”

Twitter user @Tegez2 are “doing their part” according to their post which stated, “I wrote ‘SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE’ on all blackboards in my school.”

One user’s school now has a wireless hotspot called “F T-Series.”

This was not the only incident Black River Falls High School faced. At 11:26 am on December 11, the PA system was again accessed to play “Mo Bamba” by Sheck Wes, and again at 11:41am to play another explicit song.

Art instructor Taryn McKeeth put her room into lockdown when the song played over the PA on Friday as she feared for the safety of her students.

“The PA went off, everyone sat quietly and was listening and once we realized it wasn’t an announcement the wheels started turning in my head and I froze. A couple of kids laughed, while a couple of kids looked at my face. I ran to the door, shut off the lights, and told everyone to sit quietly. I listened out the door and the song because it was so muffled, sounded demonic and creepy, and we were waiting for someone to come on to give a threat. It was loud, so you couldn’t hear gunshots or screaming, and it blocked off the PA system so there couldn’t be a warning to leave. I was hoping in my mind, God, I was hoping this was a prank and not a real shooting. I was thinking in my brain, ‘do I have my kids run out of here?’ I didn’t want to be overdramatic, but at the same time, it was terrifying, so I don’t know if it was a good thing I kept my kids in a potentially unsafe environment because I thought it was a prank.”

McKeeth does not see the incident as funny in any way.

“I was like sick to my stomach that day. Although I would love to picture it as a fun joke, unfortunately with the things that have been happening in our world and our society, it was not funny. People do not realize the effect this has on people’s mentalities, especially since we just got done with the intruder drill, so it’s kind of fresh on everyone’s brains.”

LMC supervisor Kaye Quall had something to say about the incident.

“I feel that the PA system is not to be abused. It is meant for announcements and different ways to get ahold of students. I have had kids try [to call over the announcements], and I just feel it’s disrespect, and it’s disrespect in a whole different way. If you’re going to play music, you have headphones for that. I really think the PA system is something that only school employees are meant to use,” said Quall.

Senior Jeremiah Rumsey revealed a question many students had.

“There’s a lot of people that asked, ‘why wasn’t the code changed sooner when it first happened?’ I wish they played better songs,” said Rumsey.

High school principal Tom Chambers said he was disappointed in the behavior of students that would choose to disrupt the learning environment for others.

“I absolutely expected this to happen, I pretty much knew it was going to happen at some point. But it’s still disappointing that it actually did happen. I wish it wouldn’t’ve,” said Chambers.

Chambers said there were measures taken to prevent this from happening again.

“The first step was to disable the code that was breached that allowed the announcements to be accessed, and we’re implementing tighter security measures around access to the PA. Hopefully, it’s an issue that is taken care of and that students understand we take it very seriously. We provide the opportunity to learn and when that is disrupted we will coordinate what is necessary to fix it.”

It’s an ongoing investigation as to who might’ve perpetrated the PA incidents, or how the code was leaked to call the PA, according to Chambers. However, Chambers had something to say to whoever perpetrated the PA incident(s).

“It would be much more beneficial to you to spend more time learning and increasing your knowledge and skills that will be beneficial to you in your future instead of disrupting the opportunity for others to do the same,” said Chambers.

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PA System Wrongfully Accessed by Students