Staying Focused… it’s Good For Your Health


PHOTO ILLUSTRATION: A group of seniors in Steve Nyman's Architectural Design II class focus on a design as their high school careers near an end.

The end of the year for seniors is a time where being lazy and not turning in assignments becomes a normal, everyday occurrence. This slide downwards in production from the senior class is seen by the underclassmen. They see this behavior and think that it is okay to become lazy and slack off at the end of the year. This attitude spreads throughout the student body and becomes a virus that infects everybody in the building.

If the seniors were to not accept this increase in laziness and continue to stay focused, the school would be a better place for all students. The main goal for all seniors should be to end high school better than they started. But, just staying positive and maintaining a good attitude in the hallway can be a great thing too.

I know as a senior myself that this is easier said than done. But, you cannot give into the pressure to become lazy. A wise man once told me, “Good is the enemy of great.” To become a person who is truly great is not an easy thing. If it were easy, then everybody could be great.

The main thing that I as a senior want to get across to everybody is to not check out too early from this high school. These are the years that we are going to miss, or so we are told. So, we need to enjoy this limited time we have left together. Next year when we all go our separate ways we can think back on our high school experience and always have the great memories together.