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Finding a great Mother’s Day gift

Chart showing 2010 estimates on what people will spend on Mother's Day gifts, by item, and percent change from 2009; includes illustration of a mom getting a gift. Chicago Tribune 2010.

Have you ever gotten stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to giving your mother a good Mother’s Day present?

Not quite sure which flower is her favorite, if she has too many cleaning supplies or if she even eats chocolates with that new diet she’s on?

Have no fear! A few students tell some of their presents they have given their mothers in the past that have been able to be called a Mother’s Day hit present. 

So, your mom is, well, your mom. She took care of you, fed you, sheltered you and even changed your diapers! Don’t you think it’s time to show a little thanks to her? And of course, if you don’t get a good present, you can always get the mother stare of dissapointment. That is scary.

To help you avoid this stare, how about flowers? Women love flowers, right? 

“One year I gave  [my mom] a flower I made in school,” said sophomore Leah Pennekamp. “She had said she really liked it, but I think she just said it. But, I was proud and it made her happy.” 

Too late to get flowers or just can’t get them right now? There is a solution. 

“Well, when I was younger, my mom always said she liked the dandelions I gave her,” said sophomore Nathan Gilbertson. 

It’s your day, so thank you, Mom. /You have got to know, you’re da’ bomb.

Poems can be a great gift for any time, any occasion! You can think of a great snappy poem in no time at all!  After all, “It is the thought that counts, right?”

Of course, then again, you could “go for the gold” with some yummy food!

“I made my mom a breakfast in bed and got her a bunch of roses,” said sophomore Hentsch.

How relaxing and fun! Can’t cook? How about those chocolates? Mom can indulge herself for a little while, right? Of course! It’s her day to relax and have fun. Speaking of relaxing, how about taking a little sibling off your mom’s hands just for a while.  It can be a great help to your mom and believe me I bet mom would appreciate it!

Be there for her on mothers day. Be there to support her.

“I bought my mom a bra once,” said sophomore Holland Hogden.

Then again, not all moms are the same, so they may not always enjoy everything you get them but, be strong and go with your gut instinct. You have known your mom for a while, so get her something you think she would like. Yes, she, not you. Buying her gift for you is a big no-no so just don’t do it. Remember, when she’s happy, you can be happy, but when she’s not, well, start sucking up! Have a Happy Mothers Day!

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Finding a great Mother’s Day gift