Who Done It: Why, Savannah Hansen, of Course!

Sophomore Savannah Hansen shows her creative side with her behind-the-scenes sketching.

“My grandma had a fake tattoo ‘lick and stick’ and I saw it,” explained Hansen. “So, I challenged myself [to recreate it] and the results turned out pretty well.”

To Hansen, a sketchbook is a necessity.

“I love sketchbooks,” said Hansen. She has one sketchbook that she takes to her art class, but in general, she likes to keep the book to herself.

Hansen started drawing when she was in the fifth grade, and it quickly turned into an everyday hobby. Along with playing soccer and being involved in track, it is something she enjoys to do.

“I draw either when I’m bored or upset,” said Hansen. “When I’m in an argument I draw the best.”

Hansen prefers not to start off in doodles, but instead starting off with an idea of what the outcome will be.

“I’d rather have an idea. Doodles don’t get me far,” Hansen admits.

Her preference is to leave her sketches black and white instead of coloring it because she believes it looks better uncolored.

Of all the artwork she has created, she has not entered in any contests. Normally she doesn’t like art classes, but this quarter things have changed.

“I hate art classes,” said Hansen, “But I decided to go on the edge. Right now I’m in 2-D Art with Ms. Duvall.”

Hansen doesn’t have art incorporated into her future as a career.

“Drawing is just a thing I do,” said Hansen.