Spanish Club Update

Spanish teacher Marc Rukavina and sophomore Lily Murphy discuss some minor details about the trip to Costa Rica this summer.

Members of the Spanish Club are busy mapping out many upcoming activities.

Many of the members plan to go along on the trip to Costa Rica. They have made many preparations for the trip.

On February 4, they gathered in Spanish teacher Marc Rukavina’s classroom to look over their passports. They had to double-check to make sure their names and other information were correct. If their names were different on the passport ┬áthan their legal names, they would not be allowed to fly on the plane.

The members of the club also decided they are going to take a trip to the Twin Cities to attend the Festival of Nations. The trip will take place on April 29 this year. It will provide more knowledge of the spanish culture. Another thing they are considering is taking a trip to a Mexican restaurant in Eau Claire, but the decisions have not yet been finalized.