Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure

On April 16, 17 and 18 the Falls Players performed the play ‘Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure’. I went to go see the play opening night and was impressed by how well the actors played their parts. I was also impressed because the director was sophomore Gregg Koboski and for the most part the play went well.

Sophomore Audra Schjeldahl played the role of Irene Adler. Irene Adler use to be a very well known opera singer and made men fall so fast for her lovely face. However, she met the King of Bohemia and they fell deeply in love. Sadly, the King decided that she wasn’t fit to be queen and broke her dear heart. Adler was crushed. Being the diva that she is, Adler came up with a crazy . She blackmailed him with a picture of them being the poster couple for love. The king so desperate for help decided to see if famous detective Sherlock Holmes could solve his problems. 

I couldn’t believe how convincing Schjeldahl was! I knew she had experience performing in front of others but I was a little nervous since I’ve never heard of her performing in a play before. It didn’t take long for those nerves to calm down. She was amazing! I kept thinking over and over, “Man, Audra. Way to be a diva!” She started to scare me though, towards the end of the play. She had a gun to James Larrabee, played by sophomore Gregg Koboski , threatening to kill him if he didn’t do what she wanted. I seriously thought she would have started laughing at that point, but her face looked like she was angry and upset, just as her part should have been. I was very impressed.

However, I wasn’t too impressed with the first half of the play. You could tell people were forgetting their lines when people were trying to help someone out. It irked me that they made it so obvious! From all the talk of how much work they were doing for the play, it didn’t really pay off too well.

In the beginning, the play didn’t go too smoothly. At the end of a scene people would come out and turn the stage for them. To me, it felt like it didn’t flow together and I was so confused at to what this had to do with the story. I know it would be really hard to move a stage like that so I give them props for trying to blend in with the scene, but it distracted me from the actual story.

The second half of the play was better than the first. Things started picking up and there was more action than the first part. To me the actors seemed more comfortable with their roles now that the first half was over with. They were all doing so well that I didn’t even notice the men turning the stage. I loved all the characters, but my favorite character definitely was Sid Prince. He reminded me of Wormtail from the Harry Potter movies. He was one of the characters that made me laugh.

Overall, the play was a success. Congrats on a good job, Gregg Koboski.