Tiger Investment Club Update

The Tiger Investment Club has been performing well even though the market is in a state of correction (In a market in correction people get nervous to invest which causes the stocks to take a hit.) Tiger Investment Club has a very diverse portfolio that includes Baidu (internet provider), Google (internet provider), General Dynamics (aerospace and defense), Apple (personal computers), Verizon (telecommunication services), Wal-Mart (discount quality services), and Pepsi (packaged and processed foods). Tiger Investment Club is always open to new stock ideas and willing to listen to those who offer suggestions.

 Also, the recent change of the Scottrade page layout has given the club a few problems adjusting to it (Scottrade is an online e-trader that the Tiger Investment Club uses to manage its stocks.)

The investment club is always looking for new members. Meetings are during focus on Thursdays in Mr. Wrobel’s room.