GGT Electronic Drive held April 10

GGT Electronic Drive Go Green Team stepped it up and hosted a city wide recycle day to promote the importance of going green.

“[It’s] to provide a service to the community, and it lets people know who we are,” said Go Green Team adviser Donna Wojciechowski.

This is GGT’s first annual recycle drive and even though she seems a little nervous, Wojciechowski had hopes for last Saturday.

“We’re hoping that we can build up from this and maybe have two or three recycle days next year. We’re hoping that we can be more organized so we’re feeling our way through this,” said Wojciechowski.

Another first for GGT was the t-shirt bags that promotes their motto: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” These bags are how the GGT is helping with BRFHS’s Viva Haiti project. Every two dollar donation from the t-shirt bag was donation to the Viva Haiti project to help those in need.

Wojciechowski had high hopes for the promotion of the t-shirt bags. “I think the ones that have some significance, like for instance Packer t-shirts will sell really well. However the Plain Jane ones might not go over so well because they don’t really have significance,” said Wojciechowski.

GGT collected small cartridges, ipods and old cell phones at the recycle day and really encouraged students, staff and people in the community to take time out of their day and help the world become a little greener.