Built-in Best Friend


With the 2022 school year two-thirds over, sophomores Breanne Nortman and Katie Sedelbauer and freshman Maddux Alvarez are in their feelings about their siblings being seniors this year.

Nortman and her sister, Makayla, have made memories together throughout school through sports and other extracurricular activities.

“I have lots of good memories with her, so I don’t really have a favorite, but I will always love the memories we have made while playing sports and during car/bus rides,” Nortman said.

Katie has been doing track since 7th grade, and her older sister Hailley has been a part of two of those years. Katie is having a tough time knowing that this is their last season of track together, but she will forever hold onto the memories that this sport has created.

“Knowing that this is the last year she is going to run track and the last year she is ever going to be able to hand that baton to me is something that I will forever hold onto. I will make sure to appreciate every part of this track season no matter how hard it feels, and I will always remember that this is the last year I have my biggest supporter by my side through the season,” Sedelbauer said.

Katie and Hailley have a variety of ways that they have pushed each other to be the best they can be in the sport of track. Depending on the event, they are either working with each other on a team or competing against each other.

“Hailley and I have also had a strong competition between each other but in a jokingly manner and we will always congratulate each other on whoever will win. In a relay, we will always hand off to each other no matter what because we have our footwork memorized by heart,” Sedelbauersaid.

Alvarez and his older brother Mathias have always been pretty close growing up, but they have grown closer throughout high school. Although Alvarez has only been in high school for one year, he still is emotional about Mathias leaving this year.

“I am pretty sad that Mathias is a senior this year. I won’t be able to see him that much after he graduates because he will be pursuing his dreams by joining the military. He has always been someone I could look up to and get advice from if something isn’t going well,” Alvarez said.

Nortman and Makayla have played a few different sports together growing up and throughout high school. Makayla has been there for Nortman to give her advice and support about sports and other school activities.

“During high school, I have been able to ask her about her experiences and opinions on which teachers aren’t as nice as others, or which classes suck, and also which teachers I can talk to if I’m having problems, which has been very beneficial,” Nortman said.

Overall, having older siblings in high school is very beneficial, but there are some drawbacks.

“A drawback that I have with having an older sibling in high school is that I feel like I need to live up to the expectations of her, and people expect me to be just as good as her,” Sedelbauer said.

“I think a drawback would have to meet the teacher’s expectations based off of how my sister did in their class,” Nortman said.