The Last Song Review

The Last Song is Nicholas Sparks’ newest novel about to be made into a movie.

When you think of Nicholas Sparks you think mushy romance. If you do, this book will give you a surprise, because not only is there romance, there is much more. It’s about a girl named Ronnie who is sent with her brother to live with their dad for the summer. Ronnie doesn’t want to go. She has not had the best relationship with her father since her father and mother got a divorce. She is also very rebellious. Things change when she goes to live with her father. She meets new people–some good, some bad–but in the end she falls in love and her world is turned upside down.

In every one of Sparks books someone falls in love and gets hurt. But everytime he puts a new spin on it. In A Walk to Remember the girl dies and leaves the boy heartbroken. His books make you think about your own life a lot. While you read you can’t help but put yourself in the main characters shoes and wonder what would you have done. All of his books make me very emotional. I usually cry at every single one of his books. But his writing can make you feel whatever he wants you to feel. It is very powerful. They give you a fantasy about love. It’s the kind of fantasy every girl wants. The guys would do anything in order to be with them. It happens in every one of his books. The one thing you need to keep in mind while reading his books is that it is only a story.

The book is told from four points of view. While, this makes the book kind of hard to keep up with, I like it. It makes it more interesting to know what everyone is thinking instead of only the one person. It’s hard when a story jumps around but it is worth it.
A few of his books have already been made into movies: A Walk to Remember, A Message in a Bottle and The Notebook. Everyone seems to know those three along with this one. They are all powerful stories. The movies always seem just like I pictured them. I really like that because usually there are so many difference you just hate the movie. Well, I am one of those people that doesn’t compare the movie to the book because I know the movie won’t be as good. But in these movies it was. They relayed to story so well and the actors got the parts just right. Everyone is mad that Miley Cyrus is going to play Ronnie but I couldn’t picture anyone else playing her. I don’t know if it was because when I read the book I knew she was going to be playing Ronnie or if it was because of the father-daughter music. See, Ronnie’s dad was a teacher at Julliard and he taught Ronnie how to play the piano. So I think that is why because of the relationship Cyrus has with her dad and the bond they share with music. But this is going to be a good movie and it was a really good book.