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Alex Hentsch

At A Glance

Favorite Fast Food:  Culvers

Favorite Song: “It’s Alright to be a Redneck” by Alan Jackson

Favorite Color: Green

Looking Deeper

BRFHS Paw Print: When did you join the Shooting Tigers?

Alex Hentsch:  I started in 8th Grade.

PP: Why did you join?

AH: I joined because I liked shooting guns, and this gave me a place to do it. 

PP: What venues do you shoot with the team?

AH:  I shoot trap, sporting clays and skeet.

PP: Which is your favorite and why?

AH: Depends on the day. Some days trap, but most days it’s sporting clays because it’s never the same no matter where you go. 

PP: Do you have a coach/ athlete that you look up to?

AH: I don’t really have a favorite. I just strive to be the best shooter I can be while having fun.

PP: What advice do you have for younger athletes?

AH: My advice is to keep your head down and keep swinging.

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