Difference in Homework: Hybrid vs. Face-to-Face

Black River Falls students have had to deal with unknown amounts of homework from changing from virtual to face-to-face and back again.

Sophomore David Becker thinks that hybrid schooling is handing him more work than when everyone was virtual.  

“I feel that I have a lot more homework during our current hybrid schedule. It is kind of frustrating because it feels like we are just getting a ton of work stuffed into us,” said Becker.

Denise Pope, a senior lecturer at Stanford University, and her colleagues surveyed over 4,000 students from 10 schools in California. Results showed that 56 percent of students believed that homework is a primary source of stress. 

Hannah Lane is a sophomore at the Black River Falls high school, and she also believes that she is dealing with more homework now that the school is hybrid. Hannah says that she doesn’t feel the kids that are online get enough attention from the teachers as the kids do that are in school. She says to keep from being stressed she needs to make sure she is staying on top of her work.

“For me, it’s a little harder for me to learn because it sometimes feels like the teacher is only helping and teaching the kids in class. It makes it a little bit frustrating because you need to get individual help outside of school if you don’t understand the homework,” said sophomore Hannah Lane.

According to Edutopia , The National PTA and National Education Association agree that doing 10 minutes of homework per grade level is the recommended amount of time. That means that by senior year, students should have 120 minutes mightly–or two hours.

Depending on the night Becker and Lane said they spend up to three hours doing homework.

There are some students who think that when everyone was doing virtual school, teachers gave more homework out. 

“I for sure felt like we had more homework when everyone was online. It was pretty frustrating, but now there’s not as much anymore,” said sophomore Trey Cowley.

Students have found ways to work around the larger amount of homework they are handed. Whether it’s balancing out their homework or just simply finding time to sit back and relax.

“When I had all this homework I was kind of all over the place I couldn’t even pay attention in class because I was worried about my outcomes and my assignments. I’ve really just tried to make some nights relaxed where I just relax and not worry about the work,” said Becker.

Keeping a positive mindset helps you achieve your goals and helps you stay motivated.

“I’d say my mindset was still okay because I had time at home to do all my work. It just took a really long time. And to try and balance my homework I try and get a lot of the busy work done right away so then I have the easy work to worry about later,” said Cowley.