Sibling Rivalry: The Nortmans

Two siblings, junior  Meghan Nortman and sophomore Timothy Nortman, were asked the same 10 questions.  Their answers have been compared.  Here’s how they answered them.
1.)What’s your favorite sport?
2.)What’s your sibling’s favorite sport?
3.)What’s your favorite food?
4.)What’s your sibling’s favorite food?
    M-Tacos, I think…
5.)What’s your favorite thing to do?
    T-Play percussion     
M-Go outside
6.)What’s your sibling’s favorite thing to do?
    T-Play volleyball
    M-Play X-Box
7.)Do you like Black River Falls? Why or why not?
    T-Yes. It’s where I grew up. It’s small, but I know everybody.
    M-No… well I do like it… but I don’t. It’s little and I’ve been here [my whole life].
8.)Would you live with your sibling for the rest of your life?     T-No.
    M-NOOOO!!!!! Are you kidding me!?
9.)What’s an annoying habit that your sibling has?
    T-Rushing me in the morning.  She keeps telling me,’Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!’
    M-He doesn’t get ready fast enough in the morning. He takes forever!
10.)What’s your dream occupation?
    T-A career in music