GGT Update: 3.11.10

Freshman Delaney Skelding and sophomores Lindsey Breheim, Erika Slenczka and Alex Turner meet during focus for the March 11 round of recycling. GGT members empty classroom and hallway recycling bins twice weekly.

As part of an ongoing effort to raise funds for Haiti earthquake recovery, the School Enviroment Committee and the Go Green Team are planning a citywide recycling day.

During the Recycle Day, people from the community can bring old i-Pods, cellphones or small cartridges. 
Recycle Day will be held at Burnstad’s in Black River Falls from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m on April 10.  Students will be selling hotdogs, brats and pop along with upcycled T-shirt bags.  The bags are made using old T-Shirts. GGT member cut off the sleeves and sew the bottom of the shirt together so nothing can fall out.
The idea of the T-shirt bags comes from their motto, “Reduce, Reuse,  Recycle.” Shoppers can use the bags while they go grocery shopping. They can also use it for other uses as well.
Students who donate the electronics listed above could win an Earth Day T-shirt.