02.23.10 Senate Update

The  Haiti Relief program met on February 23 and brainstormed new ideas for fundraising. In addition to the clubs that are involved, Student Senate wants more classes to be fundraising as well.

 Any classes that could do any type of fundraising, such as bake sales or walk-a-thons, are encouraged to consult Paul Rykken or sophomore co-captains Joshua Hanson and Alexandria Turner with any ideas.

After Friday’s kick off of the first Haiti Relief fundraiser, more activities will be heading this way. Not all groups are involved yet, but many are coming together, all wanting to be a part of this new relief program.

There are many different fundraisers coming around, including things like new DECA T-shirts for sale in the school store, FFA’s kiss a pig contest, and the P.E. walk-a-thon. Keep an ear open in the upcoming months for more Haiti updates.